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Re: Announcing: a Klingon MUSH

Robyn Stewart ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']


wej vISuch 'a wa' pa' neH vIchup jIH. ngo'wI'Daq reH Qatlh nuvpu' SammeH Qu'.

At 03:08 PM 12/7/2007, you wrote:
>Remember back in the day, we had the KEVE MUSH to practice our Klingon?
>I missed that, so I made a new one!
> 2218
>I'm just calling it the tlhIngan Hol MUSH for now. For those of you who
>aren't familiar with MUSHes and MUDs, they're text-only virtual
>environments in which you play a character as if you were really there.
>The difference here is, this isn't a role-playing game: the purpose of
>the tlhIngan Hol MUSH is to practice your Klingon with other people.
>Think of it as a Klingon chatroom with rooms and things and descriptions.
>I'll be maintaining this MUSH myself. This is entirely my own idea; I
>didn't speak to anyone at the KLI about it, so it's not "official." But
>if people come to practice, it could be very useful.
>The simplest way to get to the MUSH (not counting Windows Vista, which
>I'll get to in a moment) is to run the following command in any
>operating system:
>     telnet 2218
>(you'll want to turn on the localecho so you can see your own input)
>A better idea is to download a special client program that handles the
>display for you. A good, free program (among several) is MuckClient.
>Windows Vista users: If you want to use MuckClient, you have to run it
>as an administrator. The program currently has a bug in it that User
>Account Control doesn't like. If you want to use a regular telnet
>client, you have to install it first from your Windows CD or source
>directory; it's not installed by default.
>I hope people like the idea and come to visit. If you have any
>questions, send me private e-mail at
>Thanks go to jI'qel, who's helping me with a bit of coding and overseeing!
>Stardate 7934.1

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