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Re: Chuck

Qang qu'wI' (

On Dec 2, 2007 1:17 AM, Robyn Stewart <> wrote:
> Usually characters that are shown in fiction to speak Klingon are
> given that ability to showcase them as nerds. Think Comic Book Guy
> from the Simpsons and Jason Fox in the Foxtrot comic strip. Klingon
> is the ultimate marker of encyclopedic knowledge of uselessnes, which
> is usually used to indicate a lack of social skills.

So true. There is a "Mind of Mencia" episode in which (IIRC) the skit
involves some kind of nerd competition.  During the competition, someone in
the audience stands up in full Klingon garb and speaks what is supposed to
be Klingon, but is really made-up gibberish.  I could tell right away.  And
of course, shortly thereafter Mencia looks straight into the camera and says
something to the effect "if you just told yourself {that's not real Klingon}
-- get a life."

I'll confess, though, that there is something about the disparity between
the conventional view of the Klingon language/speakers and the reality of
the Klingon language/speakers that I relish just a little.  It's a reminder
of how wrong people can be about things.

> I've never heard of Chuck, either but as they were wearing
> bulletproof vests and making smartass hero-type moves like taking
> bullets to foil a hostage taker (think "Speed," and the most recent
> "Die Hard" movie), I'd say here knowledge of Klingon has taken a leap
> into denoting smart, savvy people who know just about everything.
> They could have had them both happen to know Tagalog or Basque, but
> Klingon is more widely recognized as an obscure language, and carries
> no political connotations.
> jImujqu'laH. vIt vIloS.
> batlh bISuv.

Good try.  I've never seen Chuck, but I've seen a lot of  promos for it, and
my impression is that Chuck is a computer geek who somehow accidentally
became involved in affairs of high intrigue.

tlhIngan Hol jatlhDI' <<Jack Bauer>> Humanpu' DIcharghpu'.

Qang qu'wI'

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