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Re: Chuck

Russ Perry Jr ( [KLI Member]

>At 11:01 PM 12/1/2007, you wrote:
>>Since I don't watch "Chuck" or know much about it, why
>>were they speaking Klingon?

> Usually characters that are shown in fiction to speak Klingon are 
> given that ability to showcase them as nerds.  [...]
> I've never heard of Chuck, either but as they were wearing 
> bulletproof vests and making smartass hero-type moves like taking 
> bullets to foil a hostage taker (think "Speed," and the most recent 
> "Die Hard" movie), I'd say here knowledge of Klingon has taken a leap 
> into denoting smart, savvy people who know just about everything. 

It's actually a little of both in Chuck...  Chuck is a nerd; his
nemesis was a former friend who got him kicked out of Stanford and
is now a spy.  But he was a little nerdy then, only training to be a
spy, and evidently they both spoke Klingon; the spy told Chuck his
Klingon was rusty after their first exchange.

Oh, and as to the ambiguity of what he said, it was probably the
"you're looking better" one because Chuck thought he was dead.
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