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Re: Klingon WOTD: puqnI'be' (noun)

QeS la' ([email protected])

ghItlhpu' ter'eS:
>Can I take your offer to mean that you don't expect to see any more
>editions of HolQeD?  Because I submitted a rebuttal to Qov's last
>column, and I hate to think it will never see the light of day.

I do hope that there will be more editions forthcoming. Nonetheless, I did 
submit this paper in July, in plenty of time for the September issue, but it 
never surfaced. Voragh has already cited the first half of my original post. 
What I said after that was:

"...I have some more information about this, but like the {petaQ} I am, I'm 
going to withhold it temporarily. {{:P The fact that Klingon has this type 
of kinship system implies a lot of things, and I think there's a HolQeD 
article in it (perhaps only a short one, but never mind), so you'll all see
it in a few months." (Re: qorDu' Sor, July 6, 2005)

The advertised few months have well and truly passed, so I thought that, in 
the (hopefully temporary) absence of HolQeD, the KWOTD post was the perfect 
opportunity to get the further information I spoke about out into the open 

In short: I do expect more issues of HolQeD (because people are obviously 
still submitting articles to it). But just because I'm BG doesn't 
necessarily mean I have my finger on the pulse of what's happening with 
HolQeD. {{;) To be honest with you, I don't know. You'd be better off 
emailing Lawrence about it; he could tell you what's going on.


QeS la'
taghwI' pabpo' / Beginners' Grammarian

not nItoj Hemey ngo' juppu' ngo' je
(Old roads and old friends will never deceive you)
     - Ubykh Hol vIttlhegh

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