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Re: Klingon WOTD: *

Noah ([email protected])

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      Oh, like many of the old-timers on the List, I've been compiling my notes
      forsome time. In my case It must be 15 years now. I started out
      keyboarding my own searchable copy of the Klingon-English glossaries in TKD
      and the TKD appendix. Then I copied out the example sentences from TKD into
      a master canon list, then copy and pasted each sentence into the entry for
      the relevant word or affix. When I got copies of "Conversational Klingon"
      and "Power Klingon", I played the tapes several times and transcribed the
      dialogue - again updating my glossary with examples. Over the years I've
      done the same for the movies, books, CDs, and other materials ("The Klingon
      Way", "Klingon for the Galactic Traveller", "Star Trek: Klingon!" (the CD
      game), the SkyBox trading cards, television episodes, etc.). Some of this
      material has been published in HolQeD.
  Very very cool. I've been doing something of the sort myself, but it's  slow going. :-) Do you keep yours plaintext? Or are you making it a  "real" dictionary of sorts, with bolding, indentation and such?
  :-P Thanks for all answering all these questions!
  p.s. What's cf. mean?
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