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Re: chenmoH/mojmoH (was Re: Klingon WOTD: cho' (verb))

QeS la' ([email protected])

ghItlhpu' lay'tel SIvten, ja':
>In English "become" is not transitive,

"I become king", "he became my manager". Looks transitive to me.

>although it is copular.  What is the difference between "come into 
>existence" and
>"begin to be"?  They seem virtually the same to me.

Not just "begin to be", but "begin to be X" or "to change into X" 
(transitive). I wouldn't accept {jImoj} as "I become, I come into existence" 
(which is what I get from the intransitive sense of the English verb 
"become" - you just can't say *"He came into existence my manager").

Again, I think there may be confusion between "be" (intransitive, = "to 
exist") and "be" (transitive/copular). Copulas (copulæ? copuli?) indicate 
equivalence, and as such require two things to link.

QeS la'
taghwI' pabpo' / Beginners' Grammarian

not nItoj Hemey ngo' juppu' ngo' je
(Old roads and old friends will never deceive you)
     - Ubykh Hol vIttlhegh

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