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Re: Klingon WOTD: cho' (verb)

QeS la' ([email protected])

ghItlhpu' Holtej, ja':
>Klingon word:   cho'
>Part of Speech: verb
>Definition:     succeed (to authority)

jang Voragh, ja':
>Never used in canon.
>Related verbs are {gheS} "assume duties of, take on responsibilities"; 
>{Sugh} "install (in office)"; {moj} "become" and {Da} "behave as, act in 
>the manner of".

The noun {nubwI'} "predecessor" is probably also relevant when one is 
talking about succession.


QeS la'
taghwI' pabpo' / Beginners' Grammarian

not nItoj Hemey ngo' juppu' ngo' je
(Old roads and old friends will never deceive you)
     - Ubykh Hol vIttlhegh

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