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Re: Tao Te Ching Chp. 20

Agnieszka Solska ([email protected]) [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Re: Tao Te Ching Chp. 20


>bIHaD 'e' Dabupchugh [A], vaj bISotbe'.
>Give up studying and you will have no distress.
>[A] I do hope that despite the lack of canon examples {bup} can be used in
>this way. If not, there is always {mev}.

lab ghunchu'wI':

>lughbejbe' <Dabup>.  qech vIyaj 'ach pabHey vIlajrupbe' jIH.
><lon> yIqel.

vIqelta'. vIparHa'. 'ach DIch vIHutlh. chaq <lon> lugh law' <bup> lugh puS 
'ach 'e' vIHon. pab qellu'DI' pImbe'law' cha' wotmeyvam. <lon> vIlo'chugh 
chaq pabHey vIlo'taH.


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