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Re: KLBC: translation

00:12 02-09-27 -0700, lab Robert:
>I wasn't sure which heading I should have put on this request.
>I would be grateful for any help I can get with the translation.

Various people told you this wasn't a KLBC task, and they are 
right.  Credit goes to you for realizing it was a task that required 
someone with more experience, you just didn't realize what you were asking 
for.  As you said someone MORE experienced than you, I'm going to assume 
you have some ability.  I will translate a couple of lines of the 
Shakespeare into English a beginner can translate.  It won't be poetry. You 
may be dissatisfied with the simplicity of it, but when you can translate 
the simple version you can work towards the more complex.

>O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!

easy: Torches are bright.  She teaches them.
harder: Torches are bright because she teaches them.

>It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an 
>Ethiop's ear;

easy: She hangs on night.  She resembles raw dilithium crystals.   A woman 
of Troyus wears them.
harder: Resembling the dilithium necklace which a woman of Troyus wears, 
she hangs on the neck of night.

Get the idea?

>baraSungey yavmang bu' laqSmIy tugh
>tlhIngan wo' Duj Deb qulHom

I can tell the last line refers to the Imperial Klingon Vessel Desert 
Flame, but I suspect that the first line has been written by a different 
person. I can see that yavmang bu' is going for infantryman sergeant.  Is 
baraSungey the name of your unit and laqSmIy tugh your personal name?

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