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Re: Canon: choH, tagh

Am 24.09.2002 10:47:52, schrieb

>Is there any canon or concensus regarding the transitivity
>of {choH} and {tagh}?  All I can remember is {taghbej mu'qaD
>veS}, but it seems to me there is also canon marking {tagh}
>as transitive.  I can't recall any canon for {choH} at all.

 I (noun) "lung".
 bIreQtagh n. bregit lung.

 II (verb) "begin a process, initiate".

Qu' DataghDI' 'aqtu' mellota' je yIqaw 
When you begin a mission, remember Aktuh and Mellota; 

tagh mu'qaD veS 
Curse-warfare has begun.

choH (verb) "alter, change":
  HIvHe yIchoHmoH! Alter the attack course
  HoS choHwI' n. transtator (="thing which does change energy")
  woj choHwI' n. reactor (="thing which does change radiation")

I think it's very obvious that both are transitive verbs.

Quvar.       a     a
  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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