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Re: Dajatlhbogh

>ja' Quvar:
> >{lugh Dajatlhbogh}
> >"what you say is correct"
> >
> >I'm sure it is grammatically correct. Is there anything that says it is 
>Nothing *official* says it's wrong.  Plenty of people will call it of
>dubious correctnes at worst, and poor style at best, but that's an opinion
>rather than a rule.
>The popular opinion seems to be to avoid relative clauses without an
>explicit head noun.  TKD can be used to support this position, but it can't
>quite be used to *prove* it.
>-- ghunchu'wI'

nIb ghu'vam, QAO je: Hat 'e' poQbe' pab, 'ach <yIlo'Qo'> 'oH HochHom nuv 
vuD.  'ach QAO qellu'DI', QeHchoH Hoch.  QochwI' tIchchoHlu'.  ghu'vam 
qellu'DI', tay Hoch.

Dajqu'.  qatlh Hoch QeHmoH QAO, 'ej QeHmoHbe' ghu'vam?  chay' pIm?

(I'm pretty sure this use of {tay} is wrong - the English seems too 
idiomatic.  Any suggestions?)

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