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Re: mu'qaD veS pab yIQIj

ja' Quvar:
>mu'qaD veS pab yIQIj.

nap pab.  petIch neH.

For some reason, at qep'a' we usually end up with a {jop 'ej way'} thing
going.  A curse is hurled, but the target bounces it back, suitably
modified or amplified.  My favorite exchange was this:

nuv wa': <qablIjDaq ba'law'pu' DenIb Qatlh!> ("Ooohhhh.")
nuv cha': <qablIjDaq ba'law'taH DenIb Qatlh!> ("Aaahhhh!")

Sometimes the first party will manage to come up with yet another upgrade
to the idea, but we rarely have longer volleys of exchanged insults.

>I know what is said on the tape, but how do you play at a qepHom, for
>instance, where nobody
>speaks fluent klingon?

You might make it a collaborative effort.  Someone can suggest an insult,
and everyone works to translate it into something sharp and nasty.  After a
while, you'll have a collection of pithy phrases that you can use as
ammunition, and as inspiration for other insults.

Maybe you'll be able to work out for yourselves some "rules of escalation".

-- ghunchu'wI'

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