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Re: Temptress of the stars - text

At 10:53 02-09-23 -0500, you wrote:
>Quvar wrote:
>> >Check the list archives to read all the discussion on this over the years.
>>Is there a way to search the archive?
>Hmm... not anymore.  From the tlhIngan-Hol Mailing List Archives page at
>    /tlhIngan-Hol/
>   "The KLI has archives of the list since 1993, all available online. The
>    search facility is not yet available; you may browse the archives by year
>    and month below."
>Early incarnations of the Archives were searchable, but it seems that the 
>current version of the listserv software doesn't support it yet.  Sorry 
>about that.  (I obviously haven't visited the Archives in a few years!)

If there is a particular discussion you are looking for, you can try 
asking.  Some of the people on this list have frightening memories or 
personal archives.

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