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Re: Temptress of the stars - text

At 01:50 AM Friday 9/20/02, Quvar wrote:

>Am 19.09.2002 16:48:46, schrieb [Voragh]:
> >>1.a) HaStaDaq be' 'IH ghaH
> >>"She was beautiful on the screen"
> >
> > HaStaDaq 'IH be'.
> > he woman is/was beautiful on the visual display (on monitor).
>this could be confused with {'IHbe'} "she is not nice". What I wrote above 
>means "At the screen, she was a nice woman."

{'IH} doesn't mean "be nice, pleasant", it means "be beautiful, handsome", 
the opposite of
{moH} "be ugly".  Exx.:

   'IH, qar'a'?
   It's beautiful, isn't it? CK

   'IH be'nallI'
   Your wife is beautiful. KGT

> >{latlh} is "another one".  Another what?  Try:
>Can it not stand alone? like {latlh vIneH} "I want another one."

Of course it can stand alone, but it still needs an antecedent:  Another 
one?  Another what?
Here's your text:

 >> 10.a) wItlha'  we followed her
 >> 10.b) matlha'  we followed
 >> 11. jegh latlh, jegh latlh je. one by one surrendered

I assume you mean "another one of us" surrendered, but you haven't actually 
said that "one of us surrendered" before this.

BTW, line 10a is a good place to add an object:  {be' wItlha'} "we 
followed/chased the woman".

> >I think plain {tatlh} "return (something)" works here.  Okrand wrote int he
> >same st.klingon post:
>What about {cheghmoH}? "cause to return"? Oh no, transitive verb with 
>{-moH} could be no good.

Well, this is an old argument.  Some on the List think that you can add 
{-moH} to an action verb, others think you can't.  For example, since 
{ghItlh} means to "write, inscribe", would *{ghItlhmoH} mean "cause 
(someone) to write (something)" (e.g. to dictate a letter to a 
secretary)?  If so, what then would be the object of *{ghItlhmoH}: the 
letter or the secretary?  Check the list archives to read all the 
discussion on this over the years.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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