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Re: RE: Description

ghel tulwI':

>hm, is /pongwIj'e' 'oH Gina/ a legal sentence?

if we stick to the rules, no. TKD p.68  (To-Be-construciont) says "If the subject is a noun, it follows the third-person pronoun and takes the 
-'e' topic suffix."

{Gina 'oH pongDaj'e'}
1: {Gina...} "okay, what about Gina?"
2: {Gina 'oH...} "ah, /it is/ gina. And what IS Gina?"
3: {Gina 'oH pongDaj'e'} "Her NAME, it is Gina."

Now the other way around
{pongDaj'e' 'oH Gina} [which doesn't follow the rule cited above]
1: {pongDaj'e'...} "okay, the topic of this sentence is /her name/. what follows?"
2: {pongDaj'e' 'oH...} "something IS her NAME, which is still the topic."
3: {pongDaj'e' 'oH Gina} "It is HER NAME gina."

I cannot really say if that's wrong, but it sounds so backwards.
DloraH, is the cited rule from TKD the right one?

{Gina 'oH pongDaj'e'}
What is her name? As for her Name, it is Gina.

{pongDaj 'oH Gina'e'}
What is Gina? As for Gina, it is her name.

{pongDaj'e' 'oH Gina}
Gina is it, as for her Name.
In english this might sound okay, because there are many ways to write an english sentence, but in Klingon this looks backwards, I think, and 
it doesn't follow the rule.

I might be wrong though...

ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH.

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