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> Does the following mean "I still don't see you"
>   SoH vIleghbe'taH

First we need to change the prefix.
The prefix for "I [to] you" is qa-.

SoH qaleghbe'taH

Pronouns are optional and are used mostly for clarity or emphasis.


If you want to emphasis that it is YOU that I'm not seeing, then leave the SoH 
on there.

Back to your question...
It can mean that.  It is "I continuosly do not see you".
The english "still" in this case means "I continue to not see you".
So it works.

Canon examples containing "still":

(Attack them now, while we still can!)

narghbe'chugh SuvwI' qa' taH may'.
If the warrior's spirit has not escaped, the battle is still going on.

tujtaH'a' 'Iwchab? 
Is the blood pie still warm?

This last one uses the -taH suffix like your sentence.

DloraH, BG

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