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RE: Description

Klingon is a language.  It has it's own grammar.  We can't simply replace
the english words with the klingon words but continue to follow english

Klingon sentences are Object-Verb-Subject.

> wIjPong Gina.

-wIj is a suffix.  It goes at the end of the word.
Sentences need verbs.
In this case we use what is called Pronoun-as-Tobe.
'oH is the pronoun "it".  It can be used as a verb "it is".

Gina 'oH pongwIj'e'  "My name is Gina."

The subject noun following a Pronoun-as-Tobe also has to have the
suffix -'e' on it.

> cha'maH ben jIboghpu'.


> wIjjIb "brown."

Again with the suffix -wIj, and the word order.
For "brown" we can say /Doq 'ej wovbe'/
For a nifty color chart that I made, goto:

Doq 'ej wovbe' jIbwIj.

Some people prefer:
  Doq jIbwIj 'ej wovbe'.

> jIghaj cha' Saj.

You have the pets, so the pets are the object; they come before the verb.
The prefix jI- states that the subject is "I" and that there is NO object.
To show that there is an object "them" (the pets), we need the prefix vI-.

cha' Saj vIghaj.  -  "I have two pets."

> jItuQ "glasses"

We don't have the word for "glasses", altho I sure a couple people will try
to give you something to use here, but it would only be long descriptions;
so you did the right thing to just use the english word.
One such choice could be /leghmeH jan/, but it's a bit vague and we could
come up with a few things that fit that description.

But we still need the OVS word order and the correct prefix.
"glasses" are the object.
The prefix is "I [to] it",  vI-

glasses vItuQ

Well, you did good with the vocabulary; and now you have the basic sentence
structure.  You wanted a place to start.  You have started.

DloraH, BG

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