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Re: pets

Am 13.09.2002 19:04:28, schrieb "Gina Robertson" <>:

> Is there a seperate word for cat or dog in 
> Klingon or is there just Saj (pet).

{Saj} is like in english "pet" just a general word.
In Klingon, there is {targh} "Targ", an animal that looks like a mix of a dog and a pig or some like that, 
and Klingons hold it like Humans have a dog.

You asked for a cat, well of course there is not a word for "cat" directly, but there's an animal similar 
to a terran cat, Klingons call it {vIghro'} translated into english as "v'gro' (catlike animal)". Another 
one is the "tika cat", in Klingon {tIqa' vIghro'}.

And, of course there are many other animal names known, but it's not always sure what they look like.


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