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Re: pets

>Is there a seperate word for cat or dog in Klingon or is there just Saj 

We tend not to have words for things that are specific to Earth; we tend 
instead to have words for things that are specific to Kronos, or Klingons in 
general.  Thus, we don't have words that exactly map to the animals "cat" 
and "dog" that are peculiar to this planet.

That said, you can approximate these meanings with existing Klingon words:

This is a pet that I have always thought to be dog-like.  However, Tasha 
described (the image of) Worf's targ as a kitty-cat, so who knows.  A targ 
is a targ (not a dog).

{vIghro'} (KGT)
This is described as a cat-like creature.

Of course, if what you really want to descbribe is an actual Terran dog or 
cat, then you should use the words "dog" and "cat."

*cat*lIj vIlegh.
"I see your cat."

*dog*wIj yIHoHQo'
"Don't kill my dog."

Just like in English we use words from other languages where we lack a 
native word.  These are words like lasagna, taco, masseuse, etc.

When using borrowed words in written Klingon like this, we often set them 
off with punctuation to make it clear that this isn't a Klingon word.  This 
saves someone who's just learning the language from looking up a word that 
isn't in the dictionary.

d'Armond Speers, Ph.D.

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