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RE: Hi

> I'm also new to the list and new to Klingon. My name is Michael,
> and as Klingon name I chose QantoH.

Welcome to the list.  I am DloraH, currently serving as the list's
Beginners' Grammarian.  It is my job to help the newbies.

> I come from Germany

We have several people in/near Germany.
I see that Quvar has already replied about this.  Excellent.
I strongly encourage you to attend his qepHom.  A person's skills definitely
improve when the language can come alive in a group.

> I also tried to read a bit in the first issue of Qo'nos Qonos,
> but it was pretty difficult because I had to look up every second word.

That is a bit big for a newbie.  When I first started I would not have been
able to conquer that.  But with practice it will soon be an easy goal.

> Yesterday I ordered my Klingon Dictionary,

Do you have, or intend to acquire any other language resources?

Feel free to ask questions.  We're willing to help.

DloraH, BG

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