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Re: Hi

Am 11.09.2002 16:34:02, schrieb "Michael Jung" <>:

> Hi all

> I'm also new to the list and new to Klingon. My name is Michael, 
> and as Klingon name I chose QantoH. I come from Germany and I am 18 years old.
That's good. It's nice to see people here that live not all to far away from me. I also live in Germany 
and am 22 years old.

I only wanted to tell you to take the opportunity of visiting our qepHom!
That's not a meeting where they only speak klingon, no, it's the best place to start to learn klingon!!

This is also a recall to everyone out there!
Join us in the qepHom, there is still time to register (since there is no deadline).
It will defenitely be a lot of fun, you will meet new people and people you've met before. There are 
almost twenty people coming, so we'll be a big group!

This is perfect for klingon experts to practice, to talk, and to widen their knowledge; and it's just as 
perfect for beginners to ask things they never understood, to learn and to HEAR how klingon is spoken!

It will be held on the end of November, the weekend of Friday 29th till Sunday, 1st of december.
The place is at a youth hostel in Saarbrücken, which is in southwestern Germany.
More information can be found on, write an email to or call me on the phone.

> I already began to work myself through the postal course, and now I 
> know the most out of the first 4 lessons.
Good start!

> I also tried to read a bit in the first issue of Qo'nos Qonos, but it was 
> pretty difficult because I had to look up every second word.
I agree that's a bit too much for a beginner. But if you set it as a goal to understand all of it, you 
are pretty far when you manage to do that.

> Yesterday I ordered my Klingon Dictionary, but it will take up to 2 weeks 
> until it's delivered, so at the moment I have to use an online dictionary 
> what isn't very comfortable.
You should download Holtej his {tlhIngan Hol pojwI'}, or "Klingon Language analyzer", to be found at

I believe it's there, but I get no access right now. (??)

P.S. also read the rest of my site, could be interesting to you ;-)

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