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ghe'torDaq luSpet 'oH'a' ghe''orDaq luSpet'e'


is {ghe''or} the same as {ghe'tor}, like {mojaq}={mojaQ}?

question based on this:

in TKDadd, it's listed as
   {ghe''or} n. netherworld (where dishonored go).
on the "sheetcard" of CK we have
   {ghe''orDaq luSpet 'oH DaqlIj'e'} [with typo *ghe' 'or*]
   "You belong in a black hole in the netherworld"

in KGT it says:
   {ghe'tor} n. Gre'thor (where spirits of dishonored go)
in the text we find
   {ghe'torvo' narghDI' qa'pu'} 
   "when spirits escape from Gre'thor"

"According to mythology, when a dishonored Klingon dies, his or her spirit goes to a place called Gre'thor, there to remain."

Now, those two words look very much the same, so I suppose it's just a typo.
But if they were all different, the definitions make me think that the one is a specific netherworld, and the other is more genral.

like this: 
{tlhIngan ghe''or 'oH ghe'tor'e'}
"Gre'thor is the klingon netherworld"

Is there any information on that?

P.S. now we know why klingons want to die with honor: they have two hells!  ;-)

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