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RE: EK: ghomqa'ghach

> ghItlh DloraH:
> > > nuq 'oS "EK"?
> >
> >Exclusively Klingon.  A warning for beginners that this is probably too much
> >for them.  EK is not anything official, just something that some of us are
> >trying to work into habit.
> "EK" QIn vIqonDI', taghwI'pu' vItung 'e' vIHechbe'. QInwIj lulaD taghwI'
> vIneH. taghwI'pu' qaD "EK" 'e' vItul.

I didn't mean it that way; it's just that most beginners, including myself back 
in those early days, automaticlly skipped the big ones.


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