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Re: be'joy'

lab Quvar:

:I'm helping someone to translate a song.
:It's about a beautiful alien woman seducing
:the crew of a Klingon ship.


:He called this temptress a "devil-like seducer",
:a *be'veqlargh*. That's not canon, but I think for poetry
:it's okay enough.

chaq bomvetlhvaD QaplaH mu' "be'veqlargh" 'ach vIpar jIH.
qatlh? moHqu'mo' pagh tlhu'moHlaH veqlargh 'e' vIHar. ghe''or lojmIt 'av
veqlargh, nuv tlhu'moHbe'.

:Any better suggestions?

tlhu'moHwI' = temptress
'IHwI' = beauty
'IHwI' mIgh = evil beauty
qa' jonwI' = the capturer of souls

qaq qechmeywIj 'e' vImaqbe'.

:Besides of that he would like to know other
:expressions or metaphors he could use in that song.
:I don't know anything special.

Anyone interested in Klingon metaphors might consider reading
my article "Hunting for metaphors in tlhIngan Hol" (HolQeD 10:3, September 

yIqel je:

bomDI' 'IwwIj qaqaw.
[The memory of you sings in my blood.] TKW

reH bang larghlu'.
[Love is always smelled.] TKW

bIrchoH SuvwI' 'Iw.
[The blood of the warrior grows cold.] PK

DaH jIbwIj vISay'nISmoH.
[I must wash my hair now.] PK

tlhaQqu'mo' mu'tlheghvam vIparHa'qu'.

[Will you sin?] KCD

'ach nIvqu'bej wab <ghghgh> net Sov.
pe'vIl wabvam jatlhchu'chugh tlhu'moHwI', Qapbej.

[Well, the very best thing would be to have a female voice going <ghghgh> 
with a lot of feeling.  {{;-)  ]


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