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RE: be'joy'

>ja' Quvar:
>:I'm helping someone to translate a song.
>:It's about a beautiful alien woman seducing the crew of a
>:Klingon ship.
>:He asked me if {be'joy'} "ritualized torture by women" is
>:somehow close to dominasex. (I think it could, but I'm not
>:an expert on that topic :-)
>be'joy' ta'meH mIw nIvqu' vI'aghlaH jIH 'ach mIwvam vIQIjmeH mu'mey 
>vIlo'Qo' jay'! 'ej le'qu'qu'bogh vay' neH mIwvam vI'agh.  {{;-)

Oh my!


-- Holtej

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