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Re: mu'mey chu' vIqeq

Am 08.09.2002 15:20:17, schrieb "Agnieszka Solska" <>:

>ghel Quvar:
>>tor? chaq toS Duj?? mu'vam vIHutlh'a'?
I only know this as "kneel".

>>mu' <jer> vIHutlh je. chaq muj 'Iv?
>"New Words List"  yIHaD!
pIj mu'mey chu' tetlh vIlaD, 'ej Hoch mu'mey vIghaj 'e' vIHar. 
chu'qu' 'oH'a' mu'vam'e'?
I have all the airplane words, maybe I just missed that one somehow.

>>>muD Duj Qorwaghvo' leghlu'DI' 'IHlaw' tera' 'ach rut 'engmeymo' yav 
>>>leghlaHbe' vay'.
>>nuq leghlu'? tera' leghlu'!
>>I'd say this as {muD Duj Qorwaghvo' 'IHlaw' tera' leghlu'DI'}
>I was going for "When one looks from the (airplane's) window" 
I know. I was just commenting the word order: I think that what is seen must precede the verb as it is the object. I'm only not sure about where 
one should put the {'IHlaw'}.
{muD Duj Qorwaghvo' 'IHlaw' tera' leghlu'DI'}
"from the airplane's window (it's) apparently nice (earth) when one sees earth."

>but perhaps {legh} cannot be used that way.
Why not? {leghlu'} "one sees"
perhabs {bej}, or {tu'}?


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