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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>>>>Actually, the term 'genitive' has been used on this list to 
>>>>describe the function of the first noun in a noun-noun 
>>>>construction.  To slip into the fiction of Klingon for a bit, I 
>>>>suspect that long ago, there was a 'genitive' syntactic marker, 
>>>>and like the other syntactic markers it was a Type 5 suffix. 
>>>>This would explain why nouns occupying that grammatical role 
>>>>can't take Type 5 suffixes - it's a holdover from when those 
>>>>nouns had Type 5 suffixes of their own.
>>>jI'omlaHbe': chaq <-'I'> 'oH mojaqvam'e'.
>>qatlh <-'I'>?
>qIDwIj QIj lutvam:

i read it and i don't understand what's the link to a type 5 noun suffix.

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