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RE: EK: ghomqa'ghach

> nuq 'oS "EK"?

Exclusively Klingon.  A warning for beginners that this is probably too much
for them.  EK is not anything official, just something that some of us are
trying to work into habit.

> >jIHvaD jIjatlh:<<mubej neHchugh Qovpatlhvam vaj
> DIp 'oHbe' mu'vetlh.

DIp 'oHbe' nuq?  Qovpatlh?  TKD p178
lugh mu'tlheghvam

> >Agnieszka, Zbig! tughov'a'?>> matlhe'egh 'ej latlh jupma' qan wIlegh!
> tlhe''egh

Why have -'egh?
It's not a stative verb that needs -'eghmoH.
Even then, you don't have -moH.
This usage makes /tlhe'/ transitive.

I don't know any canon for /tlhe'/.
Similar words are /DIng/"spin", and /jIr/"twirl, rotate".
AFAIK /DIng hasn't been used either.
/jIr/ has been used:
betleH jIrmoH - "twirl a bat'leth"
Intransitive.  Of course this can't be used as evidence for /tlhe'/; but I
think /matlhe'/ is ok.

DloraH, BG

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