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re: grammAr check

>DloraH, BG
>Sorry about that--
>je puqpu’ma’, be’nalpu’ma’ je, rojma’, je tlhab, lalDanma’, Qunma’ qawgach
>qawgach Qunma’, lalDanma’, je tlhab, rojma’, je be’nalpu’ma’, je puqpu’ma’
>…In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, 
>and our children…

Because I know the context, I would suggest {DIqawmeH} (or perhaps {DIqaw 
wIneHmo'}) here (as opposed to {DIqawmo'}, but that's the only suggestion 
I'll give, as I don't want to step on DloraH's toes.

mu'vam Hal vISovchu'.  qaQaHqang DaneHchugh.

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