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Re: Names for noun functions puq'e'

>>i want to have names for those roles. when i called them 
>>"nominative", "accusative" and so on (cases), the idea was not very 
>>in. so if "roles" are allowed, then we speak of "subject role", 
>>"object role".
>>are there any shorter names for "describing another noun role"? 
>>"genitive" wouldn't be allowed, as this impies case.
>I would call them, respectively:
>subject noun
>object noun
>noun acting adjectivally
>noun with a type-5 suffix
>It might be nice to have a more concise way of describing the third 
>and fifth functions, but I managed to teach Klingon (I used to have 
>DloraH's job) without that terminology, so you should be able to 
>learn it.  If you want to privately to yourself call them "genitive" 
>and "prepositional" no one will know.  But if you start trying to 
>discuss them on the list using those words, you're going to confuse 
>people, get mired in endless meta-discussions (like this one), and 
>have some people ignore you completely.

"noun acting adjectivally" could be misleading, as an adjective 
always follows the noun, afaik.

>puSmo' jatlhwI'pu' DubuSHa' wa' nuv DaneHbe'.
>laHlIj DaDublaw'lI', 'ej SuStel DalughmoHDI' jIHagh.  (ngo' qan ghap 
>Daqel).  bIlughchu' 'ej raghbe'meH Holmaj DughnIS Hoch.  SuStel 
>vIvaq vIneHbe'.  jIH mulughmoHbejDI' chu'wI' jIHagh 'e' vItul.
>Hoghvam jatlhwI' tlhab vIqIH.  tlhIngan Hol yejHaD ghovchu' 'ach jeS 
>neHbe'qu'. pagh muv 'e' maq.  vIlaj.  tlhIbHa'bej nuvvetlhlaH 'ach 
>pIm vuDmey.  maHvaD lo'laHbej tlhabwI'pu'.  morghDI' chaH not 

vIyaj 'e' vIQub. qatlho', Qov.


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