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RE: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>ja'pu' Holtej:
>>>Instead of creating some rule to explain what the case is of a particular
>>>word, you just look at it's placement.
>ja' tulwI':
>>this is absolutely sufficient in order to understand what's a
>>subject, object or header. but, for example, in order to understand
>>the difference between the header nouns /batlh/, /naDev/, /DaHjaj/
>>you have to say "cases", or "X".
>STOP!  Go back.  Look at {batlh} again.  It's not a "header noun".  If it
>appears in a non-subject, non-object role, it's most likely an adverbial.
>Do NOT include sentences like {batlh bIHeghjaj} when trying to figure out
>an underlying explanation for nouns' behavior.

i STOPped and now i think that i don't understand why i stopped. why 
i shall not include /batlh/? any taboo that i forgot?

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