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Re: -ngan Suffix

At 05:41 02-10-31 -0500, you wrote:
>At 04:52 AM 10/31/2002 -0500, Thomas West wrote:
>>Well, in English for example we call our planet Earth, but most of us 
>>would identify our species as human or mankind rather than Earthling, 
>>Earthers, or Terrans. But for example in Spanish la Tierra, terrícolas, 
>>and in French, la Terre, les Terriens.
>According to my English dictionary, the English word "human" may be 
>related to the Latin word "humus" - earth.
>I believe in one of the early issues of HolQeD, someone mentioned the 
>etymological origin of the word {tlhIngan}, theorizing that it could have 
>come from {tlhIl ngan}. You could probably translate this as 
>"earth/rock/soil inhabitant" or maybe even "earthling".

That's very good.  That's good enough to believe that Marc devised tlhIl 
for that reason, or at least would be proud of the coincidence.

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