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Re: KLBC: -ngan Suffix

Am 29.10.2002 14:04:54, schrieb Steven Boozer <>:
>Other, more familiar, examples of "phonetic variation" is seen in 
>{vulqangan} "Vulcan" which is derived from {vulqan} "Vulcan (planet)" and, 
>possibly, {tlhIngan} "Klingon" itself, which *may* be derived from {tlhIng} 
>"Kling", a district on the Klingon Homeworld.

Why *may*?

I don't remember the source, but I've heard that originally (in TOS), the klingon homeworld was supposed to be called "Kling". The place where 
the "Klingons" come from. But soon they found out that "Kling" sounds a bit silly for such a warrior race, so they decided to call it 
differently. And "Kling" was then just a city on Kronos. Then it was the capital, the veng wa'DIch, that's why the tlhIng ngan became "tlhIngan".

I need to find that source back...

  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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