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Re: Oooooooooo.....blarp

In a message dated 10/28/2002 1:21:39 PM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> jIbuy'qu'.  Chinese Soj.
> About four years ago at a convention with MO I said that line, and MO 
> replied 
> with something like:  Hmmm, No.  You might be able to say that your stomach 
> is 
> full, but you wouldn't say that YOU are full.
> DloraH

latlh vI'ang.  China'ngan Hol jatlhlaH MO.  'ej Holvam lujatlhtaHvIS 
China'nganpu, {du-zi bao} lujatlh.  burgh 'oH {du-zi}'e'.  buy' 'oS {bao}'e'. 
 vaj buy' burgh 'oS China'ngan Hol 'ej qechvam lulo' je tlhIngan Hol 
jatlhwI'pu' DaH net Sov.  mer'a'?

peHruS (China'ngan Hol ghojmoHwI')

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