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Where to buy (was: Re: -ngan Suffix)

Quoting Gina Robertson <>:
> From: "Zoe Dansan" <>
> > Greetings,
> > Where might I purchase the Klingon dictionary?  Thank you.
> >
> I got mine from Barnes and Noble a couple year ago,  you can also order
> them over the internet.

The major book stores usually have one copy on the shelf.
Other book stores can at least order them.
The best place to get them on the internet is right from the KLI.


You can get all the language materials right from that page. (Including the 
book I wrote, ghIlghameS)  (had to throw that in  :]  )

Along with the dictionary, I strongly suggest also getting Klingon for the 
Galactic Traveler.  It contains much information.

If you think you can't afford additional books, pack a lunch instead of eating 
fast food four times.  The money you save will buy a book.

DloraH, 'utlh

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