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Re: Agnieszka (Re: Viktor)

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From: "Quvar valer" <>

> >Tao Te Chinglij laD. QaQ! 
> Typo, capital *I*: *Ching*lIj.
> With no prefix, {laD} is "he reads it".
> I think you like to say "I read it", that's with the prefix for "I-him/her/it" {vI-}:
>   {*Tao Te Ching*lIj vIlaD}

These first mistakes I realized immediately 
after the email left. The rest of corrections
was new for me and I'm glad to know the correct
Well.. I warned ya that in the moment I start
to contribute, you'll have lots of work!
Though painful, practice is the best way to 
learn something new: I'll keep on writing to 
give you some more challenging sentences!



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