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Tao Te Ching; Chp. 8

'ay' 8

bIQ luvuvbe' tlhInganpu' net Sov. chaHvaD pujlaw' bIQ. 'ach bIQ luvuv mIw'a' 
pabwI'pu' (= the followers of Tao). chaHvaD mIw'a' 'oS bIQ. mIw'a' lu'oSlaH 
latlh Dolmey je:  be', SoS, ngech, 'eSbogh Daq, Sor Hap pe'be'lu'pu'bogh, 
"raw silk" (sigh) je.

Water is one of the symbols of Tao . There are many more: a woman, a mother, 
a valley, low-lying locations (the place where water gathers), uncarved wood 
and raw silk.


bIQ rur nIvbogh potlh[A].
qaDbe'taHvIS bIQ, wa'netlh Doch je'.
Daqmey 'eS'e' lumuSbogh nuv ghoS.
vaj mIw'a' rurchoH.

juHlIj DachermeH yav SaS yIwIv.
bIQubqu'taHvIS yablIj yIjotmoH.
bInobtaHvIS potlh law' yInob
bIjatlhtaHvIS bIvItnIS.[B]
bIqumtaHvIS bImaynIS. [B]
bIvumtaHvIS bIpo'nIS. [B]
bIvangmeH poH pup yIwIv.

qaDbe'lu'chugh DIvbe'lu'.


The highest good is like water.
It nourishes the ten thousand things without strife.
It flows to the low places that people disdain.
Therefore it becomes like the Tao.

Setting up home, choose the level ground.
Deliberating, keep your mind serene.
In giving be generous.
In your words be truthful.
In governing be just.
In your labors be skilled.
In action choose your timing well.

If there's no contention, there is no guilt.

[A] {nIvbogh potlh}:  Something that is important and superior, i.e. 
something of the highest value. I was inspired by S13 where {tlhIngan qorDu' 
potlh} is glossed as "Klingon Family Values".

Would it make sense to use {-'e'} on {potlh}: <<bIQ rur nIvbogh potlh>> "As 
for the highest good, it is like water"?

[B] It was SuStel who, some time ago, helped me choose this particular 
version of these lines. qatlho', SuStel.


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