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Re: The new word

> >Where is qev a noun?

>HolQeD 4.4, page 11.  I believe it was part of the collection of "group"
>terms, where {yejHaD} was canonized.

Here's the complete quote:

   Some additional information has come to light regarding words
   relating to groups or assemblies. Among those words already well-
   known for different types of groups are:
     {boq} "alliance" (also "bloc" or "coalition," though "coalition"
             is sometimes {boq ru'}, literally "temporary alliance")
     {DIvI'} "federation" or "organization" (also "association",
              "league", "union")
     {ghom} "group" or "party" (also "band," in the nonmusical sense)
     {qev} (also {ghom'a'}) "crowd"
   Add to this list: {tlhach} "faction" or "sect".

Although it's possible that {qev} is a look-up error here, Okrand is 
clearly discussing varous nouns in this paragraph.  So, {qev} has become a 
homophonous noun with the verb {qev} "crowd".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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