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Re: Tao Te Ching; Chp 53

lab Holtej 'utlh:

>>>Do you have a klingon dictionary in rhyming order?
>>ghobe', yuQvamDaq potlhvam tu'lu''a'?!
>>No, does such a treasure exist on this planet?!
>mu' DanejmeH <pojwI'> Dalo'chugh, mu' wab DaSamlaH.
>There's a rhyming dictionary search built into <pojwI'>.

<pojwI'> vIghaj 'ach Qapbe'. chaq QapmeH 'oH chaw' vIje'nIS, 'ach ghaytan 
vIDIlDI' Qapbe'taH. toH vIje'qangbe'.

I've downloaded it but it won't work. Perhaps first I need to register it. 
However, I'm not willing to pay for something that may not work on my 


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