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Re: Tao Te Ching Chp. 54

>>[E]: {mIwvammo' vISov}: I'm not happy with this line but the Chinese
> >>version does contain an enigmatic phrase meaning "Because of this".

ja' DloraH:

> >How about the very vague  'oHvammo' ?
ja' ghunchu'wI':

><meqvammo'> Dapar'a'?

Qaplaw' mu'mey bochupta'bogh 'ach mu' qar vIwuqpa' pe'vIl DuHmey vIqelnIS. 
"Because of this" lu'oS China Hol mu'mey "yi3 ci3" 'ach motlh jaS tlheghvam 
mughlu': Because of what is within me, Because of my intuition, inner 
knowledge. vaj chaq Qap {DujwIjmo'} = because of my instincts (except that 
one is born with instints and inner knowledge usually has to be gained, for 
instance by meditation)


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