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Re: tugh qaS qepHomwIj

I wrote:
>> > >qeS vInob: pa' Hurgh rurbogh jan lo'lu'. DIjlaHlaw' jan lo'lu'bogh.)

DloraH wrote:
>>I believe he is describing taking a picture with a camera. (pa' Hurgh rur...)

>Ahh, DaH vIyaj. I was imagining stamps being moistened by a cucumber-shaped 
>sponge. :-)

Oh, yes, now I see what you mean. I didn't notice that both {pa'} and {Hurgh} have two meanings when I 
wrote it.
I know some people who had problems with this word. They wanted to translate "dark thing" into 
klingon, and came up (in the wrong word order) with {Hurgh Doch}. This means "the thing is dark", or 
even worse: "the thing of the cucumber"!

just a general advice ;-)

  ghojwI'pu'li' tISaH.

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