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Re: KLBC: Two quick questions

> >Not to take anything away from charghwI', but the idea actually 
> >with MO, in his response to charghwI's question about how to say "It's 
> >late to visit you", which MO rendered as {paSqu'mo', nargh qaSuchmeH 
> >After that, charghwI' (and later, I) provided some interpretation of this
> >and of {-meH} in general in HolQeD.

charghwI''e' maja'mo' (malabmo'? maghItlhmo'?), nuqDaq ghaH?  qaS qep'a', 
ghIq pagh charghwI' QIn vIleghbe'.  muvHa''a'?  qaS nuq?

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