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Re: KLBC: Two quick questions

Since nobody else has answered this, I'll take a stab at it.

>The second question was from Brent Kesler's article on -be' and -Ha'. At
>one point he says:
>jIQuchbe' 'ach qarbe' 'e' jIQuchHa'
>When I read this I can't get it to make sense. I assume he is saying "I
>am not happy but I'm unhappy is not correct", looking at the context of
>the sentence. But jI- can't take an object and that's what 'e' is,
>should qarbe' and jIQuchHa' be the other way around or have I missed
>something again?

I suspect it is a mistyping of:

jIQuchbe' 'ach qarbe' 'ej jIQuchHa'be'.

If the author is on this list, perhaps he can say for sure.

In the next paragraph he glosses Qochbe' as 'not agree', when it should be 
'not disagree'.  He probably meant QochHa'be'.  (Just in case anyone was 
confused by this QaghHom.)



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