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Re: KLBC--Prisoner of love

Hello baraSungey!
My name is Quvar, I'm the new Beginners' Grammarian. It's my job to help beginners here with 
Klingon. I see you  know how to use the letters "KLBC"

ghItlh baraSungey:
>    jIHbang qama'
>    I am a prisoner of love
>Is this the correct:

Almost. You've got the right words, but in the wrong order.
When you want to say "I am (a noun)", than the pronoun {jIH} follows the noun:
  {qama' jIH} "I am a prisoner"
You can read in TKD 6.3 about that.

like in TKW 203:
  Today I am a warrior.
  DaHjaj SuvwI' jIH

Now you have "prisoner of love", which is a noun-noun construction.
TKD 3.4: "The translation of two nouns combined in this way, say {N1-N2} (that is, noun #1 followed 
by noun #2), would be 'N2 of the N1.'"
In your case, N1 is {bang} and N2 is {qama'}, so you get {bang qama' jIH}

>thanks in advance
qay'be'. you're welcome.

New Beginners' Grammarian
      ghojwI'pu'wI' vISaH

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