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Re: NSA lecture and back issues

ja' "Igor":
>During WWII, if memory serves, American cryptographers used some Navajo
>dialect spoken by fewer than 200 people in the world.

wej ben qun lut vIlaD.  <Navajo ngoq jatlhwI'pu'> Del.  "cryptographer"
chaHbe'.  QumwI'pu' chaH.  "cryptographer" toj 'e' lunID.  qen jIH'a'Daq
lutvetlh muchlu':  <SuS jatlhwI'pu'>

veS 'ItlhvaD yapbe' Navajo Hol tlhol.  mu'mey chu' 'ogh Navajo SapwI'pu'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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