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Most of you know it already, but there could be some new people on the list.
qepHom vInab 'e' Sov HochHom, 'a chaq naDev taghwI'pu' tu'lu'.

I'll keep it short:
Place: youth-hostel in Saarbrücken, SW-Germany
Time: 11/29/02-12/01/02 (friday to sunday)
cost: 50 Euro (for the hotel, all included)

About the qepHom:
There are now 17 people who have registred their room, plus 6 people who will take no room. If 
they all show up, we gonna be a big group! :-)

- learn pronunciation
- learn curses
- ask Questions
- play DIjchu'
- play hang-man
- play *bIngo'
- voice recording for Computergame
- maybe visit the city, or some interesting site.

Of course, between all these we will have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. And a lot of time 
to talk about many things.

For Information, contact me:


Quvar.     g
  ghojwI'pu'lI' tISaH

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