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Re: KLBC - muD DaHjaj

> >SISlI' je peDlI' DaHjaj. 
> >Today it is raining and snowing.  
> sentences are connected with {'ej}, nouns are joined with {je}.
>     DaHjaj SISlI' 'ej peDlI'

TKD tells us:
  {-lI'} <in progress>

  This suffix is similar to {-taH} <continuous> in that it indicates
that an activity is ongoing. Unlike {-taH,} however, {-lI'} implies
that the activity has a known goal or a definite stopping point.
In other words, it suggests that progress is being made toward
that goal.

So it seems a bit odd to say SISlI' and peDlI'.   Perhaps at a ski slope where 
they have snow making machines it is possible to peDlI'.

> >(By) ramjep, DuH wej (inches) SIS yav.
> "when midnight happens, perhabs it measures one 'uj"

Visit my website for a conversion table for [Kg-lbs-cheb]/[cm-in-'uj].
more specifically:


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