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RE: "Tadhg" lIH jIH

On Sun, 24 Nov 2002, DloraH wrote:

> Any interest in ancient epics?  My translation of Gilgamesh is available
> online.

I will get there someday. Gotta walk before I can run, and right now, I am

Once I get running, I'm sure I will want to have a translation project of
my own. Its just trying to decide *what* to translate. Irish myth? The
Book of 5 rings (though I don't know Japanese outside of what is used in
resturants and my dojo)?  I had a dream shortly before I bought TKD that I
was translating the Lord's prayer into Klingon, translating 'heaven' as
Stovokor. :) (What is the accepted thlIngan Hol spelling of Stovokor?) I
still may try my hand at translating the Lord's prayer, but personaly, I'd
prefer to translate something more pagan.

Smooth Roads,

-- Tadhg

Tadhg Christopher Bird <>
aka L. Christopher Bird

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