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"Tadhg" lIH jIH

"Tadhg" lIH jIH
[I introduce Tadhg]

nuqneH, "Tadhg" 'oH pongwIj'e'.
[Greetings, My name is Tadhg]

tlhIngan Hol tIv jiH.
[I enjoy the Klingon Language]

taghhwI''a' jiH.
[I am an absolute beginer.]

<<HOH!>>  tIv jach be'nalWIj.
[My wife enjoys yelling, "{HOH!}".] 

Hoch tlhIngon Hol, neH poQ je ghaH.
[That is all the Klingon Language she wants and needs.]

Ok those, were my first attempts to string together a sentence in Klingon,
I hope I did OK.

I first learned of the Klingon Language when I got the Klingon Dictionary
way way back for Christmas '85. I was 13 years old, and never got farther
than {nuqneH}. Unfortunalty, I misplaced that tome many moons ago. But I
recently bought a brand new copy, and have begun my studies in earnest. 

I also enjoyed the bits about the Klingon Language in the film, _Trekkies_
(thats where my wife learned to yell "{HoH}").

I guess I caught the Klingon bug discovering a "rare" book on Klingon
Martial arts, _Secret Fighting Arts of The Warrior Race_ by
'HetaQ'. Besides teaching the {betleH} it has many phrases in tlhIngan Hol
and pIqad.

I've been thinking of a Klingon name for myself. "Tadhg" is an Irish name
that means poet, the closest I think I can come in Klingon is
{bomwI'}. Will meditate on this further.

This list seems like a great resource to help me learn tlhIngan
Hol. Between this, pojwI' by d'Armond Speers, and I'm well on my

Smooth Roads,

 -- Tadhg

Tadhg Christopher Bird <>
aka L. Christopher Bird

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