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Re[2]: russian queues (and stacks)

P> On Sun, 17 Nov 2002 wrote:
>> although i'm not a "non-English software engineer", my english-russian
>> computer dictionary gives the russian equivalent of "queue" as the standard
>> word for "queue, line (for waiting in)" [ochered'], and "queu(e)ing" as
>> "organization of queues" [organizacija ocheredej].  the russian term for
>> stack is the english word (spelled in russian: stek), but also the word for
>> store (as in department store) [magazin].

P> That's very good stuff to know.  So "stack" wasn't translated from English
P> to Russian, even though "queue" was.  VERY interesting.  I wonder why
P> "stack" wasn't translated...

Because  a  queue  is  a  FIFO object (= First In is First Out) like a
waiting  line in The Real World, but a stack is a FILO object (= First
In is Last Out), and there is nothing like that in the social life.

The  same:  a  "heap"  is  "kucha", and a "memory" is "pamyat'", but a
"monitor"  is  "monitor",  and  a  "personal computer" is "personalniy
kompyuter"... ;-)

P> ...Paul

--- DImatlh

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